Sketchup 2016 keeps saving files as 2017

I am using Sketchup Make 2016 and every time I save a file I am able to re-open it but when I send it to a friend they get an error message saying that the file was created in 2017 and cannot be opened (they are using 2016 Pro).

I have had the 2016 make on my computer for a few years now. The problem began recently when I installed 2017 Pro trial and then uninstalled a few days later. After uninstalling 2017 my computer seems to still think its installed. If I right click a sketchup file the only open with option is Sketchup 2017.

Any ideas?

I would love to be able to share 2016 files again.

First, confirm which version of SketchUp you’re running.
Open SketchUp > Look to the top menus > Help > About SketchUp
Which version number and ‘bitness’ is it?

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Version 16.1.1449, 64-bit

There has to be something more going on than has been revealed so far in this topic. SketchUp 2016 predates 2017 and is not capable of saving files in a format that did not exist when it was released. Unlike some other products, SketchUp has never released forward patches to let old versions deal with newer versions of the file format. So we have to be missing something here! The question is what…

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So the workaround would be to save the file back to version 16 before sending it to your friend.

File > Save as > Save as Type

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This is a known issue with the Windows editions. You need to re-run the 2016 installer (right-click it, and choose “Run as administrator”,) and choose the Repair option.

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