2016/17 Make - file compatibility


I’ve used Sketchup free since pre-Trimble days, currently on 2016. I use it on 2 Windows 7 PCs - one is i3 64bit, the other a 32bit laptop. Will files saved in 2017 version (64bit) function on the 32bit 2016 laptop?


Files saved ‘simply’ in any SketchUp version [File > Save] will then only reopen in that version OR a newer version.
So if you save a file in v2017 it will NOT be open-able in v2016.
However, there is a File > Save As option in all SketchUp versions, and with that you can chose to save from v2017 as [say] a v2016 version file - there’s a dropdown list of possible versions.
That saved file will now open in v2016 and v2017.
However, remember that if you open it in v2017 and then simply Save it again, then it’s now blocked from opening in v2016, unless of course you do a ‘Save As’ and choose the appropriate version compatibility again…

Obviously, if you open the file in v2016 and change it, then it’ll still be open-able in v2016 and v2017…


Thank you for your swift response. To confirm: 32/64bit is irrelevant, it’s the ‘save as’ that matters. Will I notice any difference in quality/operation?


Provided you do a save_as and don’t expect something from a v2016 SKP file, that you might otherwise expect from a v2017 SKP file, then you’re OK.

The SketchUp’s ‘bit-ness’ is not important to the SKP file’s capabilities…


Cheers for that!