SketchUp 2015 Bug Splat

Getting bug splat error when starting SketchUp Make 2015 (Pro Trial). An error report was sent under the name Subashini.

Kindly advise on what needs to be done, as only few machines are experiencing this.

not much to do… Sketchup 2015 is 8 year old, no more support.

Have you considered moving to sketchup make 2017 ? The last of the make versions, a bit more stable.

were you doing anything in particular when it crashed ?

We did not do anything in particular. It is a trial version we are currently using in the school. We get this error when we select the template from the app itself.

Also, is there a formal link saying SketchUp 2015 is no longer supported and we have to upgrade it to the latest version as a solution to the bug splat error ?

Thank you

Sketchup only supports the last 3 versions. right now, 2021, 2022, 2023.

I’m not saying moving to 2017 is the official solution to your bug splat. I’m saying there is a chance your bug was fixed in latter version. But it will never be fixed in 2015.

besides, I’m not familiar with schools solutions, but there is a sketchup for school available, I think it’s the we based ? not sure about that.

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I checked your bugsplat report, and the crash is happening extremely early on, during a test of the GPU. I did find something in the logs to suggest that some of the graphics driver files is missing. It could be worth reinstalling the drivers to make sure they are ok.

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Hi Colin,

Thanks for getting back on the logs. Is it possible to let us know which graphics drivers files are missing ?
Also, what is the recommended latest offline app version to go with ? Our school tried using the online version but the the preference is still to use the the offline app version. This is also one of the reason we are sticking with SketchUp Make 2015 (Pro Trial).

There are a bunch of path not found errors, several for atio6axx.pdb and more for atio6axx.dll. I don’t know what those are!

We removed all downloads for 2017 and earlier, and the archives I know of for 2017 are for Pro. I’m not sure where you would get 2017 Make from.

Those are video driver files.

I suspected they were! Them not being found would be a bad thing, wouldn’t it? Would a typical driver update put the needed files back again?

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That be a yes to both questions. Something is corrupting the system they reside in.