SketchUp 2015 (64-bit) and Intel HD Graphics 5500

I understand that the 2GB applies under a 32-bit OS. SketchUp is large-address aware as of version 8, if i remember right, and under a 64-bit OS the limit for 32-bit SU should be somewhere about 4 GB.


yep, thus the tilde :wink:

under 32-bit OS setting the /3G switch should enable ~3 GB too.

Hello All,

I recently purchased a new HP Laptop, Windows 10 Home 64, i7 5500 2.4GHz, nVidia GeForce 930m and dedicated Intel GPU, SU 2016 Pro 64.w/ latest maintenance patch (3/10/16). All drivers updated, including multiple mice that I’ve tried in the past months. GeForce Control Panel configured as described above. Continued to experience “Not Responding” messages and system lag when clicking into complex groups and components. Continued to have problems with click, push/pull, move and inference and subsequent bug splats.

You guys convinced to try uninstalling the 64bit vers. and install the 32bit, and I’m happy to say I have no more problems. It’s like SU is running at warp speed like I remember, and I’m having fun again. I wasted two months and had so many frustrating nights trying to solve this. Thanks so much for this post.

Annsi - I think you may remember me from a post where I suspecting my mouse driver might be the problem, but that def.wasn’t the case.

Well, after another late night of multiple bug splats while running the 32bit version of SU, I guess I spoke too soon :confounded: 30Mb file, 260,000 verts. Nothing crazy. I would upload a model, but the problems persist within the smallest of models.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Is it possible one of my plugins is causing the problem? I have a pretty standard and well proven set of updated plugins

I only noticed this post today. Although I have observed and complained about issues encountered with the Intel Graphics display adapter and the 64 bit version of SketchUp, I maintain that switching to the 32 bit version has resolved all performance issues for me and I continue to use the 32 bit version even after upgrading to SU 2016 and upgrading from Win 8.1 to Win10. (I had attempted to use the 64 bit version under SU2016 and when I installed Win 10, but this again resulted in my files disappearing from the screen every time I opened a .skp file.)

I solved the problem by uninstalling the 64-bit version, clearing the records and after installed the 32bit version.
Problem solved, not caught and even more closed the program alone.

Hello @danielcardosoti,

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It’s great that the problem is resolved for you. Had you read the entire thread, you would have seen that the solution you described was discussed in detail earlier on in the thread.