Sketchup 15 crashes


I have a PC which Sketchup keeps crashing as soon as i click launch after selecting template etc.

I have reinstalled the graphics driver and sketchup but get the same issue

File New
File New
======== Starting GL ========

ARB functions NOT available.


Your profile says your computer has “built-in” Intel graphics. Alas, there have been numerous problems reported with the OpenGL support on Intel integrated graphics. The report you posted says a feature of OpenGL needed by SketchUp is not available. You may be able to tweak the system OpenGL parameters to reduce the issue, but ultimately your only answer (if possible) may be to add a better graphics card to your computer.

There may be another way to deal with your issue Try this. Uninstall the 64-bit version of SketchUp and download/install the 32-bit version. You are using Make, but even if you were using Pro, the license would also be applicable to either the 64-bit v or the 32-bit v.

The Intel integrated graphics adapter is not compatible with the 64-bit version of SketchUp but seems to work satisfactorily with the 32-bit v.

Take look at this thread:

Liam: some history for you. OpenGL started life as a guaranteed backward compatible application by the Open GL folks but around version 1.3 it was finally decided they would not be able to do that. Around that same time the MACs made a change and removed all the backward compatibility. To try and help the transition along a process where some “old” apps would still be included in OpenGL and were reviewed and approved by ARB ( aka aechitecture review board). I am sure I am not 100% correct here . I use to have several good links on issues but have lost. You post above abut ARB functions not available caught my eye.
JV hit nail on the head 64 bit apps require 64 bit drivers so regressing back may help, but if not maybe a older driver if you can find it would.
Contact supplier for your machine may help also.
Good Luck