SketchIUp/Layout link problem

Not sure why I have this problem ( perhaps it has to do with moving files from '17 to '18). I have added some scenes in the SketchUp file, Update and save file. When I try and load the file into Layout and insert the last scenes into Layout the last saved view or the named new scenes I get a previous version of the scene. I have updated references and there is no red highlighted text. It seems the 2 are not in sync.I have saved and reopened both SketchUp and Layout and tried to re-link bit I can’t seem to get the new scenes into the Layout file. Any suggestions gratefully received -anyone?

Switching from 17 to 18 shouldn’t make any difference.

Can you share the files so I can take a look?

Hi Dave. Thank you for your quick response. Was going to upload it to you on dropbox and discovered the problem. I had the same SketchUp file name in 2 places - on my PC and in the Cloud! Been inserting the wrong one! Another lesson learned.

Ah… That would be a problem. Best practice is to work with files stored locally and only sync them to the cloud. Don’t use the cloud-stored SKP file for the reference in the LayOut file.

I did it this time because I went on holiday, took my laptop and needed to access the file. Hadn’t realised I had copied it. Will know better next time.

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