Sketching Flight Routes across a state

I am very much a rookie at this and have only done some basic things in sketchup and overlaid onto Google Earth. I need to neatly depict the attached flight routes so that I can do the same with these. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Draw all the flight paths on your imported image, not on a texture (otherwise group the map textured face first).

Consider each flight path as a separate group.

  • draw the first path ‘On Face in Image’. It will be flat without any altitude.
  • tripple click on the path and group it.

Do the same with the next flight path.

Once you have your flat flight paths you can pull up vertices to their specific heights.
Do so in the groups editing contexts.

You can move a vertex by hovering over it with the ‘Move’ tool (no geometry preselected!).
Once you see ‘Endpoint’ at the tooltip, press and hold down the left mouse button. pull the endpoint up. You can constrain moving in the blue direction by hitting [Arrow Up] once.
Click at arbitrary height and type the desired value and hit [Enter]


What I am trying to show is that these paths have a floor and a ceiling, along with a 5nm from center line width. So in my mind, making each route 3D with the correct floor, ceiling, and width.

ok, do you have a better image with clear paths colored differently.? Now they all look red and look alike. Furthermore, do you have height information of paths, roofs and ceilings?
What does width mean in this context?
Once I have more information I can give you an example in 3D to show in GE and how it is done.

They are all going to change in altitude and width throughout the path. One example would be from 500’ AGL to 3000’ AGL with width changing from 15 miles down to 2 miles. It may be too complicated to build, but I thought I would ask.

I’ll look into it tomorrow.
The AGL could be a copy of the underlaying terrain mesh that “Google to SketchUp” added terrain imports. But at a AGL distance. Although the terrain image is huge in terms of "Add Location"
You may need to get the mesh from elsewhere.
I’m not known with all these aviation terms and facts but don’t give up that easy. I’m not saying it’s undoable
The paths can be drawn.
The ceilings (either mesh or flat face) can be made visible with translucent texture. The width doesn’t mean anything to me yet.

I think the width is the required minimum lateral separation between aircraft - 5nm (nautical miles). Is that right? So 2.5nm either side of centre line of flight path

The width of the path just shows how much off center line left or right they can fly and still remain in the set parameters