Above ground object

Good day all.

I imported the jpeg file ( Attached) and I need to draw the buildings into the background however my one object (T Piece) fuel canopy need to be 5 meter above ground in the air??? I cannot find anywhere how to get it to hang in the air???

Please help

Awesome thank you very much

I draw in the shape but the move tool in 2017 does not move the object at all???

Maybe i am drawing the wrong way or the program is just not working

Hi there

No I dont but i seem to find that agi32 is a lot easier?? Maybe i am just wrong. I cannot believe that in AGI32 it is so easy but here its so different

Never mind i will just uninstall…dont have time for this…rather stick to AGI32 for light design…this is absolute ■■■■ and the tutorial videos dont help at all …I just want to use the google photo as a background to create the 3d render for the client

Doing that is illegal as Google forbids commercial use of its photos. That is why SketchUp no longer uses Google imagery.
Just for your information. Whatever 3D software you are going to use, you had better not use Google images. There are a lot of truly open source satellite and aerial photos available depending on your location.


Hi tgeee

Thanjs for the reply i was not aware of that. This is for my own fuel station is that still an issue?

Yes. It doesn’t matter whose fuel station it is. Google prohibits the use of their imagery and terrain data.

Odd that you would be making a render to show the client if you are the client.

Noted thanx for saving me from a costly mistake. How do i draw the canopy in by hand at 5 meters height from the dwg file?

I would set some guidelines at the desired height and use them as a reference. From your previous posts it sounds like you are diving in the deep end before learning to swim. Maybe you should take some time and learn how the basic tools work. Start with the Fundamentals.