Editing Height and exporting

\Hi All, i have exported a petroleum site to AGI32 but i cannot adjust the height of parts of the model? I need to get the roof over the fuel pumps to 5 meters and the buildings to 9 meters etc. And when i export it via the plug in all the colors are removed.

I cannot attach the file

Difficult to help without seeing the file. When you say you cannot attach it, do you mean you don’t know how, the file is too big, or it would infringe copyright?

Hi i mean i dont know how. I got ot from 3d warehouse

If you have downloaded it and it’s not too big, just drag the file from wherever you stored it into your post. Alternatively, you might be able to give a link to the 3DW model.

Can you send me an email address to mail the files to? I have exported them to agi32 LAI file

I hope this works

We are the light suppliers to BP and Shell as well as TOTAL, I need to know how to edit these files like moving objects around within as well as editing colours etc and I have no clue.I need to learn to do the above as we do work for various stations and sometimes need to edit the sinage etc

I hope this helps

Shell Large.skp (1.9 MB) Shell.skp (790.2 KB)

The first thing to notice is the peculiar way it has been modelled. You might expect each of the buildings to be in Groups and maybe divided into sub-groups. That would allow you to move the roof around without affecting anything else. But there is a Component that includes raw geometry and sub-components (the lighting standards).

If I were doing it, I would go in and carefully select everything that makes up the roof I want to move and make it into a Group. Then I would be able to move it as required. You might then have to edit other things like the wall heights.

In short, you need to edit the drawing to make it the way you want it and then make the alterations.

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