Changing height of imported object from 3D warehouse

Good day

I imported a model of a shell filling station from the warehouse but the canopy ( roof over filling pumps) are not correct it should be 5 meters above ground. I cannot seem to get the right height because of 2 things.

1 I cannot move the canopy on its own
2 my system stays in inches even when i select meters to start.

Please help

What you want to do should be easy. Upload the drawing or give a link.

Shell.skp (790.2 KB) Here we go

Here is the garage using a metric template.

To move the canopy, open the group first (double click in).

Garage.skp (709.6 KB)

In this version, I have grouped the canopy separately and moved it out of the main group. That means you can move it independently. But of course you lose its “stickiness” and so the support legs do not extend as you move it.

Garage-alt.skp (699.7 KB)

There’s something very wrong with the scale of your drawing!