Making airport ground markings

Quick question for the group. I’m attempting to relearn sketchup and make various items for an airport including things like arrows, numbers and other flat items. Is there any tutorials or guides you can suggest that would help me understand how to ensure the “background” of the items will be transparent?

Are you planning to make components for this purpose? If so, background transparency isn’t a worry. Just draw the shape of the arrow or other marks. Use un-extruded 3D text for numbers. No problem there.

The issue you will have however will be related to Z-fighting in which the faces of the markings will “fight” with the texture of the pavement. The graphics processor will have a difficult time determining which face is on top and this will cause a sort of flickering as you orbit the model.

Probably the best option would be to place the marking components and then explode them so they become part of the pavement surface. You can hide the edges of the markings if you want to make them not evident.

I was thinking components may be my answer, but thats part of the areas i need to relearn in SU. As far as Z fighting, its kept to a minimum as the program these items will end up in has a built in hierarchy of layers so by putting the markings above the pavement it will draw them first then the pavement. Meanwhile you’ve already helped me get 3 steps forward and i’m now going to start reading up on components.

Drawing street markings was briefly discussed during one of the presentations at this years 3D Basecamp.
Could be relevant to your airport markings.

Not quite what i’m doing but it gave me some hints. The model when done will be converted by a script into a .OBJ file for X-Plane 10. Right now i’m trying to figure out how to texture the model so that the texture shows the line that I need it to have of alternating black and white.