Sketch up to LayOut issues

Hi All,
Seems that when I send an architectural DGW to layup I cant control it in the template ,with resizing and setting the scale .
The image jumps out of the template frame or reverts back to the original scale .
Wont allow me to select the image .
When new info i,e text is added it does not connect and will remain on the template when the image jumps out of frame.

What’s going on

I’m guessing you aren’t setting up scenes in SketchUp to use as viewports in LayOut. And then I expect you are opening the viewport by double clicking on the it to try to set scale and so on. That’s a workflow that’s going to create all sorts of problems.

Start by creating scenes in SketchUp for the views you want to see in LayOut. Select a scene for each viewport. DO NOT open viewports to change camera position or zoom. You can drag the edges and corners of viewports to adjust the size. Set scale for parallel projection viewports in the SketchUp inspector window in the tray.

By doing that and preventing the viewports from showing as modified, text and dimensions will remain where you want them and so will your model.

As for the model moving when you are resizing, you can prevent this by resizing holding Alt while adjusting the sides of the viewport or by ticking Preserve scale on resize. If you hold Alt while moving the top and bottom of the viewport, and Preserve scale is NOT ticked, the image of the model will resize from the center.

Hi Dave,
I,m able to work with a view point from models that I created in sketch up other times.
My issue is that the image I am using was created elsewhere, probably should not matter but it leaves the problem of, modifying the S.U image first ,which I did , then create a view point in parallel projection yes .then I’ve added the text in L.U and it jumps.

Ill follow your and try the resizing technique .

Your guess was correct,

I now have the image on layup the correct size and with my notations .

Thanks for your good advise