Sketch up responding

hello i have a problom with my file , now it says (not responding) ,after weeks of working
SketchUp 2023 my laptop is core i5 with ssd 8g
i cant upload it , it says that it is a big file ,what should i do

There’s a problem with your post and profile, any of them have enough or the right information so we can help you. You must at least share the file and put the right information on your profile, sketchup for schools is a web based version for children in the elementary school, there’s no version of sketchup called architecture, versions of sketchup are named after the year they were released since 2013, before that they were named from version 1 to 8. It’s impossible to use a pc without a graphic card, you wouldn’t be able to have any image on your screen, if you don’t have a discrete gpu you must have an integrated one, either from intel or amd.

i edit the post could you check it

Upload the file to a file-sharing service, like dropbox or Wetransfer and post a link to it in the forum.

do you have an email so i can send it to you because its not working on this website that u mentioned becuse it is a lager file

It’s not going to be possible to send it to an email if it’s too big, there’s a limit for file sizes, the only option is to use a cloud sharing platform, personally I use wetransfer, but if it’s bigger than 2gb you’ll need to use google drive or pay for more space. Also if your file is bigger than 1gb, it’s obvious why it’s not responding, you need a very powerful machine just to open it. How many things from the 3DWH did you use on your model?

i will try google drive , its 135 MB

can you open this link ?!Ans-zeu40g8Jqh4Cwr6maaRdeGUK?e=ffZNWK

pass : mady1234@@@

please let me know so i could find any other way

I managed to open your file but to took some time and when it finally opened it was super laggy.

I would say, if you can get it open your going to have to purge / clean up the model or maybe someone else on this forum can help you there.

It crashed two times when I tried to purge, the model isn’t big, you could model it again from scratch but I suggest you to first go to the sketchup campus website and learn the basics of the program so you don’t make the same mistakes. You must check first the models you download from the 3DWH, there are models that are unnecessarily detailed and increase the size of the file making it at some point impossible to work with, like your file. If you’re going to make renders you can use proxys, vray and enscape have very good ones and if you don’t find any object it is possible to convert a high poly object into a low poly proxy so you keep the model light while keeping high resolution objects on the render. You should also check plug-ins like universal importer or skimp to reduce the polygons of objects you download from the 3DWH but keeping the shape.
When you download objects from the 3DWH you must do it wisely, there are a lot of corrupted entities with wrong tag usage and some times materials absurdly big, you must download the models on a new empty file to check if it is good, with reasonably good quality, not over detailed, and make the fixes it could need to be done, I don’t use to download models but when I do, I delete all the tags so all the geometry goes to the default tag, and I assign the layer on my main model, assets don’t need to weight more than few kilobytes, they’re not the most important part of the model.

omg , could you help with some of it ? just to clean up what is un necessary , i have final exam and i am stuck with this

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Hi Madeline

I have purged the file which reduced its size from 129MB to 93MB

Click here to download it: Madeline

Let me know if you want me to delete components as well.

Hope that helps :+1:

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thank you so much , yes please because it says not responding but at least its open now

You’ll have to tell me what is okay to delete.

bathroom and some of kitchen because our prof says it is not important so we will choose any side we want to make a render

Okay - I’ve removed the bathroom & kitchen units and the model is now just under 76MB. You can download it from the previous link I gave you.

I wonder if there is a plugin which details the size of each component so that we could just remove the largest ones?

really thank you sooo much , i don’t know actually

Statistics Probe from Sketchucation would be the one I’d start with.