Sketch Up Not Working Macbook Pro

Hi there,

I have had this issue before - my sketchup model will work on other computers and my iMac but not my Macbook Pro.
It won’t let me:

  • Draw lines
  • Rotate
  • Move

However if I put it into my iMac it will allow everything.

Everything is up to date and Apple said it wasn’t an issue on their end so I am hoping someone has a magical solution.

SKETCHUP_TEST.skp (331.2 KB)

Please to provide the details for your MBP: year, GPU, RAM - so that you can receive non-speculative replies.

Can you show a screenshot of a Finder tab in list view of the Apps folder?

At what moment does it no longer work the same as on the other machine?
Do you see the welcome screen? Or are you clicking on a file to open SketchUp?

Your model works very well using SketchUp 2021 on my Macbook Pro 15" 2017 with Mac OS Catalina (10.15.7) set in French Canadian.

I don’t have trouble with any of those operations on your model using my 2019 MBP 16", but why have you drawn that little cylinder so far from the origin?

Hi there,

It mostly won’t let me draw anything now I have worked out how to move objects. I have edges and profiles turned on so it’s not that.

Mac information provided,