Sketchup doesn't work

It’s arund 20 days sketchup doesn’t work properly on my new mac.
Yesterday I tried to download the new 2021 version but I’m having still the problem.
When i try to run sketchup it use more than 100% of the cpu and he doesn’t work. ( mac os ask me I want to force the exit).

If I wait for like 3 minutes it starts, but then, every action done, The problem still appear.

May I know please why this happen and how to solve?
I wrote to sketchup technical assistance 20 days ago, and also if I’m asking updates every three days trough fcebook I can’t get any help.


It might help if we knew the Mac model and what you mean by “doesn’t work”.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m uploading the video of what’s happening on we trasnfe, soon the link.
( and i’m sorry, I can’t reduce the size as I’m a really newbie on video).

Here the link

OK, well I am not even going to try downloading a file that size! Unless you have a top end computer, I am not surprised it is using 100% CPU time. Why is it so big?

Made from quick time
I tried to reduce trough VLC, but the quality is bad.
I create my first video on youtube.
Here the link.
Hope this way is better.


It’s really difficult to see what is going on in your video, partly because the resolution is poor and partly because it is in Italian. However, you do manage to install and then open Sketchup. What happens after that?

Presumably you did download from this page: and see this?

It get slowly, it asked to use more than 100% of the cpu and then it seems doesn’t respond.
I wait fot 3 minutes and then I can decide how to start with sketchup. Any selection made from a Blank Project recreate the same situation, and other 3 minutes to gat the new file ready to start.

Yes i downloaded this morning the new version.

OK, so you might want to update your profile as it suggests you are using 2020 version.

In your OP you say you started having the trouble 20 days ago, presumably with 2020. So it can’t be a software issue, surely?

I tried Sketchup 2020.2 and it happen,
I wrote to technical assistance Skethup but no reply.
So i decided to download 2021 because I red the compatibility with catalina and big sur.

Right now I’m trying to use the lastest version of sketchup

If you are a Pro user, you are entitled to support. I presume you contacted Trimble via this page:

If they have ignored you for over a fortnight, that is unacceptable. I have never had to contact them. There may be others on here who can explain why a Mac should suddenly slow down. It is above my pay grade but if that was Activity Monitor you had open in the video, you seem to have an enormous amount of things happening all at once. Have you tried the old trick of turning off and on, then loading SU before you do anything else?

Yes, twice by day.
I don’t know what to do.
I wrote the first time on october 26.
It’s frustating to pay a subscription for a service that you can’t use in the properly way.
As with my Mac book pro late 2013 thousand time landed on the floor it work properly
( mac book pro Mac os Mojave - Sketchup Versione 20.1.228).
Now I’m scared to upgrade to big sur the new imac.

I am running Big Sur and I just uploaded sketchup pro 2021. it won’t work, it crashes when it opens. I immediately get the bug splat window.
I am on a 2018 Mac book pro with 32 gigs and a 2 SSD terabyte drive.

Are you submitting the BugSplat reports? That is the way to bring crashes to the attention of the developers. Since both Big Sur and SU 2021 are new, there could be bugs that weren’t found during testing.

yes I have.

If you send me your name/email via a private message I can have someone look at your BugSplats.

-edit- And you may want to update your user profile to reflect your system’s current configuration (it still shows the OS as Yosemite).

could you help me please?