Sketch up glitchyness

Hi, My business partner and I just bought new iMacs and Sketchup is glitching. For instance when we try to use the tape measure it leaves a trail of little diamonds. If we try and use the rotate tool it leaves a trail of compasses.

So frustrating…

Is anyone else having this issue? and how can we alleviate?

Those look like graphics issues. What happens if you go into SketchUp’s Preferences>OpenGL and change the state of the tickboxes there?

Are you using SketchUp 2020 as your profile shows or 2021?

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I’ve updated to Sketchup 2021. Let me try your suggestion and see what happens. My husband suggested it may be an issue with the new iMacs not using the Intel chip anymore and Sketchup needing an update.

that worked, thanks much!!!


Could you say what checkboxes you altered, and what state you left them in?

I just unchecked the box that stated “use fast feedback” and it alleviated the problem. Thanks all!