Sketch Up 3D room to Official Plan Drawings

I have a good 3 model of a room in my house.
Now I need to print the drawings that I can send to our town for an inspector to come over to inspect the plan that we have for changing the room.
Problem is that I am not sure how to do this. DO I do in SkeptchUp? Do I do in Layout 2022.
Really lost on how to proceed with this.
I am a rooky with sketch up.
I am attaching the 3 model for the room just in case.
Kitchen Rev 13 - Basement.skp (70.4 KB)

What is it you actually need from your model? There’s a bunch of loose geometry here but it doesn’t seem to be complete as a kitchen.

Generally you would set up scenes to show the model as you need in the document and then send the file to LayOut where you would add dimensions, annotations, and other text as needed.

I would suggest that you take some time to go through the instructional content at for both SketchUp and LayOut.

This drawing is the room from outside the actual room in our basement…
The plan is to make this room to be an in-house bakery is inside the drawing.
I think I need to present the room in blue print type documents with all the measurements including the electrical outlets. And where we plan to place a stove and two sinks.
I hid the front to walls on the attached document where the door to the room is so that you can see the actual room with two windows to the outside.
Sorry. Maybe I am going about this the wrong way.

And thanks Dave.
I will at the link you sent.

This is obviously alot of construction activity (doing the work as an owner-builder) but the documentation you require is pretty easy to generate. I can help! I will send you a message.

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If you’re a complete rookie, it will be hard to explain how you should do it, as Dave suggested take a look to the videos of sketchup and layout.

You have to do plan section elevations to get this to work, or you could use axonometrics as it’s a simple model.

I can’t download the SU file as the host site is on a security blacklist and wants to inject cookies. Can you use another file hosting service?

Hey Pat,
Sounds like a SketchUp to Layout workflow would serve you well here. In addition to the Help Center linked above, you can check out this handy guide on the SketchUp blog. It’s meant to be a guide for your first time creating a plan or other 2D documentation with SketchUp and LayOut. Should be exactly what you need!
Good luck,