Sketch pro trial, 3d warehouse

I’ve downloaded sketch pro as a trial. I assumed this would be the most up to date version but it’s sketchup 2016 - should this be the case?
I’m having problems downloading models from the 3d warehouse. Almost all the images I try to load say there is no data available. I would have thought that a trial of this software would give me full access for the duration of the trial?
Any advice on this please?

Where did you get this pro trial of SketchUp 2016? Why not install the current version, SketchUp 2019?

The 3D Warehouse supports the latest three versions so SU2016 is no longer supported.

I got it through the link on the sketchup website, that’s why I’m surprised. Sounds like I should download it somewhere else?

If you downloaded it from the SketchUp site through the normal channels, here, you would get SketchUp 2019 Pro. You could also get it through this link. There’s no reason to even be trialing SketchUp 2016 at this point. You can’t buy a license for it if you choose to go with SketchUp and there are a number of features such as the 3D Warehouse and Add Location that no longer work due to changes in the way these services are supplied.

Except that she has Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics which I think SU2019 does not support.
She may need to go with 2017 or 2018 from the download all page.

EDIT: The above is true for Windows 10, but might still work on Mac if Apple has tweaked the graphics drivers.

Except she also has a Radeon graphics card.

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Got me … my brain missed that. Does the Apple automatically pick the better GPU ?

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Don’t know. If I was Apple, I’d have picked a better GPU. :smiley:

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No, it picks the GPU for power reasons, which is why you manage it in the Energy Saver panel of System preferences. If you’re plugged into power, it picks the better, albeit more power-draining GPU by default. You can turn this off, to always use the better one, in that preferences panel.

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Thank you all for your replies. I wondered if it gave me 2016 trial as that was most compatible. Annoyingly I have now lost the free desktop version I had before and am left with an expiring trial of 2016 so I’m guessing in 27 days I will be forced to either buy or subscribe… no point in doing either if I’m randomly stuck with 2016.

Why have you lost your free desktop version? It does not remove itself when you install another version of Sketchup.
If you removed it yourself, you can always install it again.

EDIT: If you are using it professionally you would have to buy a PRO-version offcource!

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