3D Warehouse not available with my recently purchased Subscription- Help?

So I just updated my Pro subscription for Sketchup Pro 2020. Upon launching the program to do some work I went to access the 3D warehouse and I get a popup from Sketchup stating 3D Warehouse is not available with my software any longer/ with no option or link to software updates or options. Im running on Mac Os Sierra 10.12.6 with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 1024 MB. anyone know what my options are. Im extremely upset as I paid for a subscription extension and there was no mention about required upgrades… What can I do?

3dwarehouse isn’t compatible with 2020, you can head to the download page and get any of the newer versions of SketchUp.

You can find the downloads page in the “my products” section of myaccount.Trimble.com

You might want to see if you can update your MacOS - that’s now pretty old, SU might not install on it as I don’t think the 10.12 is supported on some of them now.

3D Warehouse currently supports three latest versions of SketchUp. Older version users can go to the warehouse in their regular Internet browser and download the models in Collada format and import them into their SketchUp. They can also download a newer version model and import it into their SketchUp with Eneroth Open Newer Version plugin.