Skelion Solar System Design Plugin

Having problems with the Skelion Solar System Design Plugin for SketchUp Pro 2015. After installing it and restarting sketchup all my other plugin tool bars disappear and sketchup won’t continue to work. Sketchup tool bars all come up ok, but you can’t select them. My operating system is win 7 64 bit. When I uninstall the plugin every thing starts working again other than I have to reposition all the other tool bars. Any one else run across this?

I just installed it test and it works fine on my Win7 64bit 2015.
Make sure you have the most recent version from their website.
I could be a clash with another plugin or renderer etc.

As fare as I know this is the latest one (Skelion_skelion_v5.1.8.rbz). If the problem is another plugin, how would one track that down?

Disable all other plugins and see if only the new plugin starts without your mentioned problem.

Finely got it to load off the Extension Warehouse. They must have placed a updated version on the Extension Warehouse. Thanks