Installing Skelion Pro

Please help! I have purchased & installed Sketchup Pro. I’ve also purchase Skelion Pro & Support Services but I can’t work out how to add Skelion to Sketchup?

Probably best to contact Customer Support.

I think when you are downloaded the file from Skelion website you got a zip file (

  • Rename this file to Skelion_skelion_v5.2.9.rbz
  • Start Sketchup and navigate to the menu Extensions>>Extension Manager
  • In the bottom of window choose Install Extension and browse in the file above…
  • Accept the terms and follow the instruction…

Thank you very much for your help, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work. Any other advice?

What doesn’t work? Contacting their Customer Support?

Since you’re a paying customer they ought to be able to assist you.

I’ve managed to install the Skelion extension BUT I can’t see the PVGIS tab (to drop the design into the correct location). Any idea how I find / install it?

All of this sounds like Skelion should be helping you ?
You are a customer and they have an extensive web-site and user based…
We can only do so much, there are users on their forum who will be far more knowledgeable about it that we are…

You seem to have brought it outright without trying the readily available 15 free-trial ?
So it’s ‘caveat emptor’ as the lawyers say…

As others have mentioned, not everyone here has used Skelion, so it is hard to help out.

That aside, if you give a little more info on what is “not working” someone here may be able to give you a hand. Are you seeing an error message? Is there a screenshot you can share?

I’ve used it for 2 years, but never had to set it up myself. I have contacted Sketchup & Skelion multiple times today & not heard back. But I’m getting there on my own. Thanks for all ehlp & advice.