SkeetchUp for Web (Go License) often does not save

I just click Save it says Saving and then again it turns to Save.
When I try to close the window a wording pops up and it says that the changes may not have been saved.
It happens quite often, but not always.
What diagnostics data do you need to carry on the investigation?
I use Chrome 120.0.6099.225
Windows 10: Version 10.0.19045.3930

If you open something up for editing when you try to save, it won’t save. You have to click out of the edit context, and then it will save. If that doesn’t work for you, then reply back with what exactly happens and attach a skp.

With the iPad version, it asks to save if you have made even a basic rotation of the screen. It may be that the project did save when you asked it to and is then reacting to a very minor change which most would think was not important enough to warrant an actual save.

Have you noticed that you exit the model and the changes you expected to have saved have not?

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