SKB files turn into PDF in my pc!



hi guys
any one knows why my backup files “skb” tun into pdf . and of course they do not open by acrobat reader and can not be changed just by renaming pdf to skp…

`Unwanted copies in Adobe Acrobat Document

Technically speaking you don’t want .skb files to open in anything. They are backup files and can be opened from within Sketchup., or you can rename them to .skp.

If you really really want them to open in Sketchup, (which I wouldn’t recommend as it becomes confusing) you need to right click on a .skb and change the ‘Opens With’ option.


In addition to Box’s answer, your “.skb” file extension is probably incorrectly associated with Acrobat Reader, and thus shows the incorrect icon. (The files do not actually turn into pdf, and if you have file extensions hidden, you are just adding .skp.skb which has no effect.) In the Properties → “Opens With” setting you would also be able to disassociate Acrobat Reader.


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