.skp data files converted to .pdf

I noticed that some of my .skp data files…the ones where I have the “created objects”, have the PDF name on the folder. Yet, when I open these files, either with Sketchup 2016 or Sketchup 8, they open with no problem. Some open with a dialog box stating that they’ve been created with an earlier version of Sketchup,. I have a feeling this is some kind of corruption ? I’m not sure how much of them I DID backup.
Gary Stanullwich

change the extension back to .skp if they open in SU…

or is it only the folder that contains ‘PDF’ in it’s title?

if so, change the folder name…


john :slight_smile:
Apparently, at the time, the folder type was changed to PDF. Driectly clicking on the file I got an Adobe Reader dialog box. The box stated that Adobe couldn’t open this. I tried using the OPEN WITH dialog box…looking for Sketchup 8. But only Sketchup 2016 was “available” (for lack of a better word) so I set it to Sketchup 2016. And, changing the file association for .skp files, the type of file that would open it was labeled "Sketchup Model ". Now, the PDF label was removed. I can now click on the file (containing the data) directly, and Sketchup opens. Question : I thought Sketchup 2016 was a trial version ? Thanks for your input. Gary Stanullwich