Unintended file format

I’m trying to open a project file in SketchUp 2018 .skp.
But almost opening it displays a dialog message “Unintended file format”.
Can Sketchup something is missing, for example, models that have been loaded in the project?


SketchUp does not open .scp script files! (Try an Adobe application.)

SketchUp model files have .skp or .skb file extensions.

Sorry, .skp

sorry, .skp

Try posting the file here to see if anyone else can open it.

project file

anyone try please

There might be hope, I can see a preview in Windows Explorer but I cannot open it.

LIkewise on my Mac - I see the preview but SketchUp says the file is not valid when I try to open it.

there were many separate models in the project. Furniture. Windows, doors, electrics. All were downloaded from 3d warehouse. Can it have that effect?

Anything is possible. I am guessing that you do not have a backup file saved earlier in the process?

Thank you all. I opened it.
It turns out near lay file .skb, I opened it.
By default, sketchup tried to open .skp.
I have not used the program for a long time, so I forgot about this feature.