Skateboarder asset for unity

I want a free game-ready skateboarder asset for unity, but can’t find one or make one. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I’d be content if it could just turn and ollie.

I’m trying to make a skateboarding game and have drawn some skate spots in SketchUp. I want to test them out.

There are quite a few cheap ones here:

Also there are lot’s of free ones in the 3D warehouse:

I’m looking for one that has animations and controls, so I can import it into Unity and have it work. Also, I’m not really willing to pay, unless it’s a game-ready prefab that’s good enough for the final game.

Sorry it doesn’t work that way.

You can’t apply rigging to a model in SketchUp and export it into Unity. You have to create the rigging in Unity itself, you can only export a solid mesh from SketchUp. It’s the same process I use but for Unreal Engine rather than Unity.

Import the board and trucks as a single mesh, the wheels as individual meshes and combine them in Unity. Then apply the various motion controls inside Unity itself.

You can do the rigging in Blender but not SketchUp.

Possibly relevant SketchUp Live video

The referenced link may offer additional insight.

That wont carry over into Unity unfortunately, it’s SketchUp specific. @Forestr ‘controls’ are engine specific, they are not something you apply to a mesh before using it in an engine. Object controls will be completely different between lumberyard, Unity and UE4. Rigging is mainly the same, but again you need to use Blender or just do it in-engine.

My personal workflow is SketchUp > Blender > Unreal Engine

I know. I’m looking for a game-ready skateboarder in Unity.

I’m learning Blender because I heard that I’m supposed to import mocap from there to Unity, but I’m still a beginner. I can’t figure it out, but I know how to import a prefab.

In hindsight, this topic probably should’ve been in the corner bar because it’s a Unity question. Sorry about that.

MSPhysics might be a good way to animate a skateboarder. I know it can apply controls to turn a car, but can it make a skateboarder jump too? I just downloaded MSPhysics the other day, so I’m not very familiar with it yet.

Right I see, yes I was confused why you posted it here, seemed like you were asking for a Skateboard asset in SketchUp.

I would just learn to rig in Unity, on the list of all the things you have to do in order to make it work, it’s one of the most simple.

All of the Skateboard models on Turboquid and 3D warehouse are game ready, they just require rigging + collision meshes. You can bypass Blender if it’s proving hard and go straight to the game engine but you will need SketchUp Pro.

MS Physics wont help with this as nothing from the plugin can be exported to Unity.

What if there was a game making extension for SketchUp? That would be awesome!

That would be fun but SketchUp is quite underpowered in a lot of areas. I would say just keep learning Blender and Unity and eventually you will get there. I swapped from Unity to Unreal Engine myself after 1 year of practice as I found it better for VR. It can be quite tough at times, but like anything the more you put in the more you get out.

Maybe check out the Unity forums, somebody may have one you can use. Although there are some other users using game engines here there are not many, and less still that will make you a fully rigged and controlled skateboard for free un Unity, commodities like that can easily be sold you see.

Ed: Here is skate pack for Unreal Engine for only $13, would be a great learning tool for you:

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There is this motion capture package that includes a lot of skateboard moves:

You can get it at that page, or from the Asset Store inside of Unity. I haven’t bought it, so I’m not sure how good it is.


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