All About Unity 3D

MODS: I’ve put this in Corner Bar for now as I’m not sure if Unity can accept SketchUp models. Please fell free to move as needed.

I’ve begun exploring beyond SketchUp a bit, mostly because of my interest in animated 3D characters. I’m having some trouble connecting with the Unreal Engine world, so I thought I’d give the competition a try and install Unity.

I know very little about either system at this point, so the best I can share at the moment is the following video which offers a pretty extensive comparison of the two systems.

If you have experience with Unity, or opinions regarding this software, I hope you’ll share them with us here. Thanks!

Unity has problems with recent version SketchUp files. It does read 2017 files ok.

In general, if you have exporting to FBX as an option, Unity likes that format.

Thanks for this input Colin. I’m on Make, so that’s good.

However, after dragging me through a bunch of pointless security checks, the Unity installer repeatedly fails with no explanation of any kind. So I’m crossing this off the list as just more junk software.