A Holiday Gift to Sketchup - Suggestion for a new Drawing Tool

Hello Folks at Sketchup. It seems to me that perhaps Sketchup could consider to add Rigging to the capabilities of Sketchup. I think Sketchup is just fine for creating little mechanical items, even items that are collections of even more smaller sub-items. So I created a video about Rigging as a Tool option inside Sketchup. I discussed in the beginning of the video about the ankle of a robot and how design thinking goes, hopefully this shows why Rigging is so useful in 3D drawing. The second half of the video discusses how to use the Rigging Tool just like it really was a Sketchup Tool. Hope Springs Eternal, maybe Sketchup will add Rigging. Enjoy! Dr. Gray
Here’s the YouTube link:

I uploaded to my website the Sketchup drawing files that I used to create the video, here’s the website url: Articulation Tool Suggestion for Sketchup – https://pistonrobot.com

Maybe this is something Fredo could add to his Animator plugin by providing a way to addd the rigging to existing model parts.

Hey ntxdave, I have always been impressed with the contributions of Fredo. I did not know he has an Animator plugin, I’ll go look at it. pg