Making A Picture 3D

Is there a way to make it so I these pictures are solid 3D models?


and this one


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What exactly do you want as the final product?

the dog on the skateboard

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Well, you can draw a 3D model of the dog and a 3D model of a skateboard and put them together. You can’t just get them automatically from photos or other images.


Or take a look on 3DWarehouse. I know that there are models of both skateboards and dogs on there.

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2D face-me components are a great way to add animals to your model. I made some 2D face-me skater dogs for you. :dog:

Skater Dogs.skp (2.2 MB)

If you want to make the full 3D model, then I’d suggest using Sculptris (free) (or Artisan for SketchUp, or another subdivision extension) to model the dog, then project some textures onto it. Match Photo would be helpful too…

This 3D scanner is compatible with SketchUp… It literally scans stuff and turns it into scale-accurate 3D models. :open_mouth:


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