SK Pro Ability to provide Construction Estimating take-off?


I have been using Sketchup non-pro for about 10 years. We design high-end custom residences and recently had a client inquire about construction pricing during the design phase. Most all of our projects are competitively bid so bringing a contractor on early would mean a commitment that the owner is not ready to make. In Pro or Make, is it possible to extract a relatively accurate take-off of materials for an estimator to put together a bid?

thanks in advance


you will have to use Pro as yours is a commercial pursuit, there are some very good 3d party ‘Extensions’ for doing take-offs at all stages of the design…
have a look at 'PlusSpec’


SketchUp Pro has no native cost estimating feature per se.
SU Pro does have a Generate Report feature which will create a spreadsheet of model attributes

The data one can extract from a model depends upon how the model is built and what information (attributes) the author assigns its parts.
Attributes are assigned via the Dynamic Component Attributes dialog.


thanks. Haven’t heard of PlusSpec before but just spent the last hour reading up and watching videos about it. Very impressive! Looks like this software could a very useful tool. thanks again.


I saw a presentation at RIBA on Wednesday and was impressed with the extent of commitment the founder has for SU and his products future development…



If you are still looking for an estimating solution for your SketchUp models, check out Estimator for SketchUp