Sketchup extensions for speeding up workflow in the domestic building industry


For the past couple of years I have used Sketchup Pro for my designs and work drawings for my small Norwegian building contractor business.
Prior to this I used the free Sketchup version as a sales tool to visualize the finished product with the customers.
As the Corona hit last year I saw a marked decrease in business, which gave me time to do å more in-depth study of all the native Sketchup tools, how to organise a model in Sketchup, and how to speed up my workflow.
However there is no easy way to take out material/cutting list from the model for calculating labour and material cost.
I have tried running reports, but there’s a lot of clean up after i have exported it to Excel, and lot of time manually pricing.
I have also tried John Brock: Estimator for SketchUp, but that’s got an issue with exporting Norwegian letters and date, that also leaves me with a lot of cleanup before I got a presentable quote.
At present I’m trying Quantifier Pro, and are quite happy with the workflow and the finish result, but it still can’t export Norwegian letters in a meaningful way, and leaves some cleaning up b4 I have a presentable quote.
The last few days I have been in contact with PlusSpec to try out there PlusDesignBuild extension, but they refuse to let me have a 30 day free trial to assess if its worth the 3k asking price, and in stead offerd me a 25 day money back guarantee.
However I’m a bit reluctant to tie up 3k on a guarantee from a company on the other side of the world, and on an extension that I will have to spend a lot of time learning b4 I can see if it delivers what it promises.
For some time I have realized that 3D modelling is going to be a key cornerstone in the domestic building trade, and as I already got experience with Sketchup, have decided that I will use it as my main platform, and buy the extensions that will speed up my workflow with design, sales, and documentation.
Any recommendation on extensions that will speed up the above mentioned workflow will be much appreciated.

It would be helpful if you could share atypical SketchUp model file with us so we can see what you’re working with. there are probably some good options but it depends a lot on how your models are constructed.

FWIW that wasn’t a good idea.

Anekks halvfabrikat.skp (9.9 MB)
Her is a small model that I use to try out different pricing extensions.
But this is the level of detail I want to use on larger models.

Have you looked at the native Report Generator? It could do a lot of what you want and get you a file you could import into something like excel for the number crunching.

I see something that would be problematic no matter which tool you use. You have some groups that don’t have their axes oriented in a way that will give you accurate dimensions. All of the various tools report bounding box size. The piece I show selected for example will report incorrectly.

It would be a good idea to get tag usage correct…
Screenshot - 5_18_2021 , 5_07_33 PM

…and purge unused stuff once in awhile.
Screenshot - 5_18_2021 , 5_07_47 PM

Thanks for making me aware of the axes on the the highlighted models.
I usually find those errors when i run a report.
What do you mean with tag usage correct, and how did you get the Default Tag Geometry window up?
I have been a bit lazy with that model, but I usually purge unused stuff. :slight_smile:
The reporting function is very time consuming as I have to manually price all the materials every time i export a model.
It also don’t export Norwegian letters right in excel, so I have to clean up the spelling of all the parts that use Æ, Ø, Å.

ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only components and groups should get tags.

That window is created by a plugin called Default Tag Geometry from Sketchucation. It goes through the model and makes all geometry untagged and then gives the report.

I would think you could make a report template in Excel that would be able to take an imported CSV file and work out the pricing. Might help if you were using more components.

Maybe the CutList extension would get you what you need. It will require some better modeling, though. Having a bunch of parts called ‘Group’ isn’t all that useful.

A different report but showing the å character.
Screenshot - 5_18_2021 , 5_56_12 PM
It at least doesn’t seem to have any trouble with the special characters. As for what happens with those characters in a spreadsheet I’m not certain but I’d guess Excel would handle them alright.

Thanks for replying.
I will look at it tomorrow, as its past my bedtime over her. :slight_smile:

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