Sizing struggles

Hi! Subscribed to SketchUp Shop as of a few months ago, had a little experience with an older version years prior.

Does this version include a scale tool or some other means to adust the size of objects, groups, etc.?


Scale tool

But depending on what you need exactly, you can use Move tool or Tape measure tool

Thank you. Looks like this what I sought, should I be able to input dimensions in the lower right field?

Add units if you want to scale exactly a certain size

but if it is an object like this one, then use the Move tool instead of Scale tool

Do not try to click in the box, it is a visual reference only. Sketchup listens to what you type, so start an action, let go of the mouse, type and hit enter to complete the action.

I’m definitely trained by 2D design software that has me clicking those boxes to input size…recalling this from another tutorial.

Thanks for the reminder!

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