Site Plan with location

Hi Everyone

I am trying to do a site plan using the location button but the pictures come out really blurry
Is tgere a a new way of doing this or is it the best I’m gonna get


You can manually replace the ‘image’ with one exported from ‘Google Earth Pro’, which is now free…

or there is a plugin adebeo_DanielTall_GEMaker that automates the process a bit by exporting a .kmz with place-markers of your SU site…


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that is brilliant exactly what I was looking for I knew someone would have made a extension for it but I didn’t know where to look

thanks heaps John

No Hands

no problem, gives us a review of how you get on with it…

I see in your screenshot your using ‘Parallel Projection’, which IMHO never looks right on 3D views…

I would change those scenes to use ‘Perspective’ camera, and model in it as well to avoid ‘clipping’ issues…

also, the 3D Printing Style isn’t worth using and is easily changed…


Thanks John I will put a update pic on here when I work it out
I’ll def go to perspective I didn’t even notice I wasn’t
I’m not going to 3d print it and if I do i’ll send it to blender first to make the stl :slight_smile:
thanks Again

No Hands

Thx heaps John
worked a treat :slight_smile:

I definatly recommend it to everyone

No Hands


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