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SketchUp model and Google Earth 3D Buildings
Upcoming Change to Add Location
What's the current best practice for adding geolocation to a SketchUp model?
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Thx for the info…

Can someone describe the differences between Google Earth Pro and Google Earth? I currently have the latter installed and could not successfully install the former even with the license key.


i think Pro has better quality export, not sure what else


• Advanced Measurements: Measure parking lots and land developments with polygon area measure, or determine affected radius with circle measure.
• High-resolution printing: Print Images up to 4800x3200 px resolution.
• Exclusive Pro data layers: Demographics, parcels, and traffic count.
• Spreadsheet Import: Ingest up to 2500 addresses at a time, assigning placemarks and style templates in bulk.
• GIS import: Visualize ESRI shapefiles (.shp) and MapInfo (.tab) files.
• Movie-Maker: Export Windows Media and Quicktime HD movies, up to 1920x1080 resolution.

What is Google Earth Pro?


Thanks again to you both.


thanks, great news for that


Hi there
has anybody had any issues with different imagery showing on different computers? I’ve checked release references etc and my computer keeps showing something different than others here in the office for a particular site…I can’t trust my google earth anymore :disappointed:


can you show us the 2 different screen shots?


these are 2 images (most recent in historical images both) from G. Earth (not pro in this occassion) I have uninstalled Pro, re-installed, checked release numbers, done everything I can think of and still on my pc is shown as the first image and everywhere else is the second image.
any ideas? cheers, a.


my only guess is that terrain is off.


What @quantj said…and that fhe images are shown at different.scales.


Those images are clearly not from the same time. There are different cars in the lot, construction has happened in the field, etc. For some reason, one of your computers is picking up an older image. Perhaps it was scrolled to a different date?


no, terrain is on. just uninstalled non pro version and installed pro version ( and the same of the same. I can’t scroll any further in time than the image shown, it’s like on this pc the historical images don’t go further than 2002 in this particular postcode (fy5 5ns)
@@jvleearchitects , yes, scale is different, I wasn’t paying attention to that, is the contents I am worried about.


whats the geolocation? I’d like to try on some computers to see if i can recreate that issue


geolocation? do you mean the coordinates of the site itself? about 53.861 degrees latitude and -3.006 deg. long.


Tried your solution this morning with terrain on/off and could reproduce. Fine.
Coming home now just screenshot nr. 1! Couldn’t reproduce. Hmmm…
GE Pro Win7

But finally found out:
3D-buildings on/off matters too. And combining the 2:

Terrain on/ 3D-Buildings off:

Terrain off/ 3D-Buildings on:

Terrain on/ 3D-Buildings on:

Hope this is useful.

PS: 53°51’44.30"N, 3° 0’20.06"V . Haven’t checked other locations :wink:


53°51’46.48"N, 3° 0’25.97"W

I see the new 3d image. Only when I check historical timeline do I see the older one you posted (the historical timeline only shows 2000, 2002 and 2010, 2010 is the older one you posted).
But maybe on one computer it’s stuck on historical timeline while the others are showing newest 3d one.
To be clear, i didnt have to activate historical timeline to see the new version. Only AFTER turning on historical timeline do I see the older one and the most recent historical one is 2010 for me.


Very strange: when I first navigated to that location I saw much the same as your second image. Then I tried scrolling through the historical images and it changed to the upper image. The history scroller won’t let it return to the original image until I close the scroller!


ok! thank you for trying, that might be a clue (for somebody, not for me :grin: ) I only get that image whether the historic scroller is active or not. rectify: I do get older images


So lots of combinations.
And I just burnt my dinner! :wink:

“History” will not show lower image here eighter.

So we/I here only see the newest picture with 3D-buildings on and terrain on.
Is that right for you guys too?