Site plan with GPS location is always blurry

I used the location feature to help me draw up a site plan for a project. The owner would like to see the plan overlayed on top of the GPS picture. Every time I do it though it is blurry and not clear. Is there any easy solution for this?

SitePlan_Phase1 copy.pdf (35.2 KB)

also attached is the site plan with out gps

Where are you getting the “GPS picture” from?

Your profile says you have the “Go Plan” are you working in a web browser or using SketchUp for iPad?

From the location extension

im on a Mac I don’t know why it says iPad. and im using sketch up desktop app

Oh. So it’s not a “GPS picture.”

The image quality from the Add Location feature is dependent on what the source supplies. Usually Bing is better but not always. One option you might investigate is high res imagery from your local county’s GIS department. Import that imagery into SketchUp instead of using the imagery supplied by Add Location.

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no it is not I guess I didn’t describe it correctly.This also the Bing Image. Shouldn’t I be able to use this though without have to use my county’s GIS map?

Your profile doesn’t say you’re using an iPad. It says you have a SketchUp Go subscription. That implies either the web browser version of SketchUp for iPad. SketchUp Go does not include the desktop app.

im using sketch up pro

You can use this imagery but Bing doesn’t supply hi res imagery at least in all locations.

So correct your forum profile.

Okay I’ll correct it. But do you have advice on using the location feature?

If Bing’s image resolution isn’t high enough for your needs, you should check with the local GIS agency. You could also look into Placemaker. You can purchase high res imagery from them.

Please correct the license type, too.

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The resolution is plenty high the issue is the plan overlay is blurry and not solid shapes and colors.

Are you exporting directly from SketchUp? Maybe using LayOut and rendering the viewport as Hybrid will help. Also move the model up above the location imagery so you don’t have Z-fighting.

how do I move the model above and I can also try layout

Select it and use the Move tool to move it in the blue direction. Moving objects in SketchUp is a basic skill. Maybe you should go through the tutorials at