Site Plan - Site Section alignment/stretching problem

Hi All,
I recently prepared a site model for a new residence.
In preparing a presentation in LO, I placed a Site Section above a Site Plan (see attachment).
In reviewing the LO drawing, I noticed that the two drawings do not align with some stretching going on.
As an example, compare two drawings along Grid Lines “E” and “H”.

  1. I first checked the scale in LO (both at 1"=20’-0") and “Preserve Scale” enabled.
  2. Next, checked both Scenes in SU, and Camera settings both: “Parallel Projection”
  3. Next, double checked Section Cut of Site Section, confirmed parallel to Grid Line 5 of Site Plan.
  4. Next, double checked Camera line of sight of Site Section and confirmed perpendicular to Grid Line 5 of Site Plan.
  5. Camera used is “standard native”

Clearly, I am missing something. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Best, Alan

I think there is something missing indeed. Is it possible to have a look at the LayOut file? You could send it via private message if you don’t want to share it publicly.

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your reply.
For this project I regretfully cannot post the file to the forum.
What I will do, is create a new model reflecting the design proportions of the site, scenes, & etc of the original so I can gain any insight you may be able to offer.
Thanks for your interest in my problem, I look forward to getting back to you shortly.
Best, Alan

Hi Dave,
I solved my problem after I created the new study model, In creating the model I realized and confirmed that my section plane was not parallel to Grid Line 5 (it was instead parallel to my terrain model edge, at a different bearing). I wish to thank you very much for replying to my post, much appreciated.
Best, Alan

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