Urgent help needed! Cannot connect Lines that are on the same plane

Hi guys, I have had this problem for quite some time. But for this model it seems to be worse. I have to create a unit development, so created all the individual units as groups. Once built I then create a new file that I import the siteplan into (so I have one large ground plan with the siteplan on it. Then I paste the units into their correct locations on the plan. Once imported, I then explode the groups to add roads/front garden beds etc. When I do this although the units are on the ground plane, when I create a line between the units the lines don’t ‘connect’. I am using shift when drawing to ensure the lines are on the axis and are perfect but they still do not want to join. I have dealt with this in the past by drawing random lines to the edge of the drawing space and diagonal lines, but this site is massive and If I have to try and do that it will take me days. I just wonder if I am missing something or if anyone could offer any suggestions, as this job is urgent and I am just stuck! Cheers, Nick!
(I have attached Jpegs to try and explain what I mean)


If you would be kind enough to add the .skp file, I’m sure someone here will be able to help you.
My first thought is that your lines aren’t truly on the same plane.
But that’s just a guess.

Thanks for that, the file is around 50mb - I’m not sure if it’s too large to upload?
Cheers, Nick

Can you use Dropbox, Trimble Connect to upload it? Your screen shot didn’t allude to it being that large.

Have you tried just using intersect?
Or sometimes it’s that there are some breaks in your linework that you need to fix.

Hi there, I will try and upload, sorry but what is intersect?


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Do you “paste in place” or just try to place things on the ground?

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Hi there I just paste and ‘snap onto the ground plane’ then use shift to lock onto ground and move into place.

Hi guys I have reduced the file and added to a dropbox folder. I hope this works???

I use paste in place for this process. Seems to work well for me

I’m looking for them, but there are numinous post on this same subject, the problem is almost always, you are not in plane, there are gaps in your line work.
Try this, draw a rectangle larger that your work area, make it a group, move it up a few inches or cm’s, to be sure you have all of your lowest geometry, used either a right or left selection to highlight it all, right-click, select intersect, with model. Explode the rectangle, triple click it, make it a group again. Then move that group and see if you get what you want.

Sometimes you just have to retrace some lines.

That may be the issue - unfortunately too far into this now to go back! Or it may be easier to start again and try a test

Sorry, I’m having issues with Dropbox. And can’t seem to find your file.

I made a trimble connect account but have no idea how to navigate around it. Or how to upload a file. Unfortunately the reduced file is still 25mb which is too large to upload here

Try re-tracing you lines, and zoom in really close, to see if you’ve got breaks in your lines, especially at any arched intersection.

I tried that and all seems to be okay (zooming in as far as I can)

Can you just get your ground plane by using a left to right selection window, and do a save as? To upload the file?

Also it wouldn’t hurt to update your profile, like what version of SU are you using?

Will do - unfortunately for this one I will have to just find a work around which is not connecting lines to the homes ( just a couple of mm short to each frontage and making up fences garden beds etc as I’ve run out of time. I have SU Pro 2018 but have had this issue since the original sketchup. Every time I have googled an answer they are different scenarios and dont match this issue. Once I get through this nightmare I will find a smaller file that had the same issue and upload it directly. Thanks for your help!