Plane intersecting problem

Even I face the same issue. Can someone help? My exact problem is that, when I drew a line on a particular plane, the plane didn’t get divided. The line stands unique and plane stands unique. I checked all possible errors I might have committed like the angle of the plane and line, edges connection…everything. But the problem still persists. Please help me! I herewith attach a screenshot.

There are several possible explanations. If you share a model here, we can tell you which is happening.

Your screen grab seems to show a vertical line between the grille on the left and what looks like a radiator on the right. The surface to the left looks highlighted and the line itself is not bold so, if that is the line you refer to, it looks like it is doing exactly what you want.

But as Steve says, without the actual drawing file, we’re having to make wild guesses.

Please find attached a portion of the file.

This image may give you a clue. I changed the display to Monochrome. The right hand part of the face is separate, but reversed, showing as blue in the default style.

As are the faces round the window opening.

But not the back face of that section of wall.

The rectangle lower left is however part of the wall face.

Did you mean the inner corner of the inner wall group to be lower than the main wall?

And the lower inner wall faces are also reversed.

You should make more use of components (and possibly groups, though I prefer components myself almost all the time). You can (and should) give each a name as you draw them, and they keep geometry from sticking together when you don’t want it to.

You have quite a number of anonymously named components:

As your model grows you will find it harder to remember what each of these components is.

And it is helpful to have component or group axes match the boundaries of the objects they represent. For example, this group has its axes aligned with the model axes, but is placed at an angle to them:

Make it a component, R click and Change Axes to align the axes with its edges.

When i do that, I see there’s something not visible that is expanding the bounding box beyond the edges of the component.

No hidden edges inside, but I see that a column of hexagonal openings also has its axes misaligned with the component edges.

And that is pushing out the bounding box of its parent component.

There’s more geometry in this component than you need. You could replace all the hexagonal tubes with an image on a single face at the front. It doesn’t matter when the model is small, but as it gets bigger, it will potentially slow it down.

Thank you sir, it helped a lot. My problem is that when I push that window rectangle till the inner surface, it doesn’t clear the plane there and create a hole. Instead, the inner plane is still there and when a click and delete it, the whole inner plane gets deleted.

The method you used for grouping your geometry is faulty. also there is excessive nesting. To learn about grouping and components start at the The learning Center, from the Shetchup People.

Oh, thank you! I’m just a beginner. I’ll learn for sure. Thanks again.

Please check this screenshot

A plane on an existing plane is created. So that if i push that, the wall layer remains as it is. So if i delete this face, only the lines are there standing unique without contact with the plane.

It would be best If this was drawn correctly, then the tools will work as intended. Make each wall into a group then move on to the next item, group it, rinse and repeat