Bugs in SketchUp?


is it possible, that there are A LOT of Bugs in SketchUp Pro?
I am trying to build something, and the model is still not very detailed. But a lot of problems occur!

- Planes don’t split when drawing a Line on it
- Planes don’t reunite when deleting a Line on it
- Planes are not created automatically when an outline is closed
- Planes sometimes are blue, instead of white. Although it’s definitely an outside wall.

SketchUp is not operating logically! PLEASE HELP! :sob:

skulptur3.skp (205.8 KB)

No they aren’t bugs, your drawing is inaccurate.
You have various edges misaligned and very close to other edges so they look like the same edge.
If you turn on Profiles and endpoints you can see better where the trouble is.
Here are a couple of examples.


To remedy the sidedness of the faces, switch to the Select tool. R-click on a blue, back face and choose Reverse Faces. You also can try selecting a corrected face side, r-click and choose Orient Faces. SU will try to flip all the connecting faces to match the one you selected. For Orient Faces to work as expected, the modeling errors Box pointed out should be first addressed.

If the edges you draw are not on the same plane, an enclosed loop will not form a face. Try first drawing a rectangle and draw your edges on that - like drawing a sheet of paper. Try waiting long enough to see the cursor inference tool tip saying you are on the face while drawing.


@catamountain: Thanks!


thanks for your reply and effort! Especially your animation is very helpful! (how did you make that gif?)

Seems like the whole model is inaccurate, i think i have to rebuild it from the beginning :disappointed:
But anyway, i don’t understand how that could happen, because i’m always using guide lines and the automated snap-to-function. I still think that SketchUp isn’t accurate enough by itself. Maybe because it uses bold Lines to display Edges. Software like Maya feels and looks more detailed and precisely.

Is SketchUp better for rough modelling instead of complex ones? :confused:

By bold edges do you mean you have profile turned on, perhaps you have them set to be too thick?
The model you posted didn’t have profiles on, I turned them on to see the problems.
Try adjusting your precision a bit in Window/Model Info/units and turn off length snapping while you are there.
Personally I have never had issues with accuracy and I rarely use guides.

SU is very accurate. Have you checked out the 3D Warehouse for examples of what all people are doing with this program?

I like to model with Profiles enabled. Depending on what you are making, the line weight clues me into what happening while modeling.

You can use more than one Style with a model - like profiles, watermarks, sketchy edges, etc), saving different Style configurations with different Scenes as needed.