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I need to create a site plan for the county so my contractor can get a building permit for some remodeling work on my cabin. I have the attached which shows the lot line locations but I need to take this and add the cabin footprint to it. I figured on doing a 2D Sketchup drawing but am unsure how to calculate the angles. Any help would be appreciated. My lot is the one labeled LOT 17.

map.pdf (247.1 KB)

Hi Rick,

There’s an ancient old plugin that will take the bearings and distances presented as in your drawing and draw the perimeter of the lot without needing to calculate angles. I can’t find a source for it currently but I ran it using the numbers around Lot 17.
Lot 17.skp (19.1 KB)

Dave - As always, thanks for the help. I was able to place the cabin in its approximate location. Hopefully, close is good enough for the county.

siteplan.pdf (22.3 KB)

Good deal.

Good job. Both of you. Good to know the way to do it in SketchUp. Draw in some dimensions perpendicular from the lot lines to the nearest point on the house. give the dimensions rounded to the inch or 10th of of ft. with “±”(common practice)-- if you want to do more. . Probably no big deal. if you are just remodeling.

I don’t know why the county suddenly needs a site plan with the cabin, septic, and drain field location. The cabin was originally a 20 x 24 ft box built in 1967. We bought it in 2002 and it’s been thru several major remodels since then, none of which required any thing like this. The latest remodel is just some work on a bathroom, moving a wall out by 4 ft. If they don’t accept what I put together, I’ll probably need to hire a surveyor $$$.
Since I am learning Sketchup, I decided to go ahead and try to draw it. The cabin drawing itself is mostly completed; now I’m trying to draw in the terrain it’s on. It is located in the Willamette National Forest (Oregon) on a lot which slopes about 3 ft. from left to right as you look at the front of the cabin, and about a foot or so from back to front. I’m sharing a photo of the cabin and a screenshot of my Sketchup work so far.

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Looks like a decent model.

Last year I did a plan for a firewood storage shed plan for a fellow in Canada. His local permitting agency required drawings to show where this structure would be located relative to property lines, septic, and services runs and so on. It was 50’ or more from the nearest property lines but the permit people were concerned it would be too close. I think they just do that sort of stuff to justify their jobs.

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That looks like a sweet cabin!

I am currently working on a kitchen remodel project that has no increase in square footage or rooms. However so far septic are the only people giving us a hard time for something that really doesn’t concern them. It’s a chance to see if there are any infractions on existing system requirements. They point out the surveyors drawing doesn’t match the old septic plan on record, then send me two records that are totally different again. I can’t imagine you need a survey???