Site plan to Australian standard

I have a site plan that I need to model in Sketchup, I’m not concerned about the contours but the site boundary lines need to be accurate for this job. What I need to know is how do I place a bearing on my boundary line. For example my right boundary is 24m long with a bearing of 248deg 30 min and 20 sec (in relation to north). How do I create this in Sketchup?

You can use an old plugin called Surveytool which is available from Didier Bur’s Ruby Library. I’ve made an rbz file of it and uploaded it here. You can install it via Preferences>Install Extension. After that you’ll find it in the Draw menu.

surveytool.rbz (2.5 KB)

Hello Dave,
I seem to be having problems installing it, I go to the preferences then install the extension, but nothing happens after that. Any ideas mate?



Don’t worry I found it hidden.

Thanks mate