Sketchup azimuth bearing and distance

Cannot find a table to enter azimuth bearing and distance. I saw some videos people were converting azimuth bearing to bearing to plot it.

Why is this not an option to have azimuth bearing option in the SANDBOX tool???

SKETCHUP team please respond

Maybe somethiing like this?

Screenshot - 6_6_2023 , 3_23_42 PM

Or maybe 2DXY SiteSurvey Tools from the Extension Warehouse.

Not everyone needs this capability so it’s an optional thing.

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I would think everyone gets survey information in Azimuth bearing. How can I ask Sketchup team to make it part of their base model?

Those who get survey information probably do. I think the majority of SketchUp users don’t ever need survey information for their models. Although I have tools for adding that information I rarely ever need them and when I do it’s purely for my own entertanment.

You can make a feature request in the SketchUp Feature Request category but I wouldn’t hold my breath about it be added in the near future. Especially since there are already options available to do it.

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All survey information I get uses a national xy grid, not a spherical coordinate system.


So, is that screen shot from that plugin or something else?

It’s an old plugin.

I hear you. I’m an architect in the US and I’ve had to deal with survey data in degrees minutes and seconds and decimal feet from licensed surveyors all my career (40+ years). SketchUp doesn’t deal with it so, personally, I just use other software to work with it, and SketchUp is usually just the receiver of such data from elsewhere via DWG/DXF. You do wonder though.