Entering spherical angular coordinates HELP!

Hello fellow SketchUp up users!

I am taking a bunch of angular measurements around my house with a theodolite. I am then entering this data into a model. I am using the free web based SketchUp and do not seem able to enter angular coordinates, even on the horizontal plane [eg. input ^45,100 gets error “invalid length”].

The only way i have been able to get the coordinates into SketchUp is by using the protractor. I have been doing the horizontal plane first, then i have to draw a vertical face on that angle so the next protractor can snap to, and then finally i can get my vertical angle and then distance. Slow and laborious!

In autocad this can be achieved by entering distance<long<lat. Eg. 200<45d34’40"<30d23’20"
Is SketchUp free capable of this simple coordinate input?
Is there a better way i can do this?

No, the web based version can’t. The versions that can use extentions might if you find the right extention.
You are better of to make use of a little spreadsheet program to convert your data in X-, Y, and Z- values per measured point. Or any other conversion that suites you best.

I found a spherical to Cartesian coordinate converter that gives me the XYZ position.

Thanks for your help

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