Drawingl lines with metes and bounds

HI. Is there a method to draw lines with metes and bound number (eg. n74d35’e, 129’) . I am trying to draw a line from a civil drawing in Sketchup pro. I want to avoid going to cad and drawing and then importing it to sketchup pro. I use Sketch up pro 17

You might try 2DXY SiteSurvey Tools which is available in the Extension Warehouse.

Somewhere there’s an old tool for doing that but I’ll have to hunt to see if it’s still available and check to see if it works in SU2017.

Edit: I found a copy of it on my computer from a previous SketchUp install and it works fine in SU2017 but it doesn’t appear to be publicly available.

The aforementioned ‘old’ plugin…

Surveytool by J. Wehby — Ruby Library Depot

Installing Ruby Plugins — SketchUp Help

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