How do I draw an irregular shaped site plan?

How do I draw an irregular shaped site plan in Sketchup Pro 2018

Can you offer a little more detail.

Where are you pulling in your information from… a set of known measurements? Or, is this a tracing project form preexisting work—be it a set of printed plans, a photograph, or a google map (/satellite image).

Also, what’s irregular here… is it just the borderlines of the site? or maybe the contour of the terrain is to be indicated too.

As @JimD has said, we need more info to be able to help properly. However, I will assume that you have surveyed the site and you have all the measurements you need. I will also assume that you only need a 2D plan.

Start by drawing a rectangle in the XY plane bigger than you need. This will create a surface you can draw on and ensure that everything is plane.

Then start drawing. Most likely, your site won’t be conveniently square. So you will have taken diagonal measurements to be able to triangulate. Use the Arc tool to set temporary diagonals. Remember that anything curved in SU is actually a set of straight lines. That means that arc intersections can only ever be approximate. At the scale of a site plan, that may not matter much.

Join points to intersections and hope that the whole thing closes cleanly (!). Erase temporary arcs. Erase bounding rectangle. You should end up with your irregular shaped plan defined by a perimeter line and enclosing a surface.

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To draw site boundaries from a surveyor’s drawing or a deed description you need to download my extension “2DXY SiteSurvey Tools” from the Extension Warehouse.™-sitesurvey™-tools

You will see 4 video links there. Here’e the link to the overview video:

It is a six sided plot of land on a steep slope, and I have the dimensions of each side and the angles from a survey of the site.
Eventually I wish to produce a full set of plans for a new house.

Thank you for your help. I have started to do it the way you suggest

Thanks Jim

BTW, in case it helps, I use an extension called Circle Intersect that allows you to identify the intersection points on overlapping arcs more accurately.

Hi Barry, Thank you for your post. I have downloaded and bought your 2DXY extension and am about to give it a go. I notice that the maximum angle is 90deg and I have one that is 210deg, however I will see if I can work around it.

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