Drawing the outline of my property


Im trying to draw an outline of my property. I have dimensions as well as latt longitude of the property which I got from the tax assessors page but Im not sure of an easy way to draw the size of my plot of land to scale? any help of suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


Assuming you are using the free Online version, go to the hamburger icon (as it’s apparently called) the three straight horizontal lines and once clicked go down and select Add Location and follow the prompts to your specific location.
Then draw in your accurate dimensions.


Thanks for such a quick response. I tried that but it doesnt give me the property lines. It just shows an X, which I dont know if thats the center of the property or just one of the lines.


Send me the dimensions. I can help you with this, but I need to know what data you have, and what unit they are on.


Are you talking about typical surveyor’s dimensions that look like this?
Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think you can enter dimension angles in bearings like this in SketchUp. You could use a calculator to convert them to degrees and enter them that way.


You can type the dimensions into the measurements bar.
Click, type in dimensions, enter

Use the arrow keys to snap your line to an axis.
left arrow = green axis
right arrow = red axis
up arrow = blue axis
Click, arrow, type in dimensions, enter

Also, adding in a 2D person can help keep your designs to scale.


That is exactly what I have and Im just trying to draw an outline of my property. not sure how to convert the lines to angles?


This is what I have. its parcel 28.

Would this work?



Yes, as I suspected. I use PowerCADD for that drawing task, not SketchUp, then I import into SU Pro via .dwg files.

A quick Google search found some resources for converting angles, like this one.


I used this calculator to convert the units Degrees, minutes, seconds to decimal degrees.
Then I just rotated the lines with the angles.


This is awesome, thank you. I’m assuming you started with the line that’s 80 ft and then everything is relative to that?


Also, you mention power CADD. Is there a free tool that you would suggest to draw out my property? I don’t need elevations, I just want a 2d scale drawing.


You may want to try this old survey plugin. I just tested it and it seems to still work with SketchUp 2017. There are different ways (per country) how data is represented so you’ll have to figure out if it takes your data or if you’ll have to tweak the data for input.


You can start with any of the lines, but you can not start with the curve because data is missing for the correct positioning of it (so the curve should be the last line drawn). I forgot to attach the file, so I can send it to you tomorrow morning.


Why don’t you take the drawing or graphic that you have and bring that into SketchUp, scale it to what should be at 1:1 and then draw over the top of it?


Thanks for finding this. Im not exactly sure how to install it or use it? any help would be appreciated.


SketchUp free is the web version of SketchUp and doesn’t take extentions. You’ll need to download SketchUp Make 2017 which is still available for personal use. You’ll then need to download that extention (it’s “just” a text file with the extention *.rb) and place it in the appropriate folder and then restart SketchUp.
I’m on a tablet right now but can give you further directions on that folder path later, if not someone else has done that before me.
Are you on pc or mac?


very Australian


I’m on a PC and I’ve downloaded and installed 2o17 sketchup as well as the plugin, I’m just not sure where to save it or how to access it.


Install it through the extension manager. Open the manager, locate the big red “install extension” button (bottom left ), navigate to the folder in which the .rb or .rbz was downloaded, select it.