Simplest way to extend a line over a chamfered edge

I am modeling a cutting board I have already created. There is a light chamfer that goes all the way around the edges. The board is cut all the way through at an angle, then a full strip of wood is glued in creating the lighter stripes. I’ve created a blank template of the cutting board in sketchup and am now going in to add the details of the stripes. I am trying to figure out a simple way to extend the line on the top face over the chamfer and down the side such that it retains the correct angle.


I think the approach I’d take for this would be to model the strips as separate parts, place them into position… and use the Intersect Faces command to cut all the way around the board in one step.

It’s probably worth making the strips oversized for this approach so you can orient them at any angle and still have them extending all the way through the main cutting board.

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JimD’s solution in an animated presentation


One little tip there @mihai.s you don’t need to paste the group into the group if you are going to use Intersect with Model.

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You’re right, thank you, @Box! Just choose intersect with model from inside the first group.


Another approach would be to add the chamfer last. Model the board however you want to get the two materials, but keep the edges square. At the end, add the chamfer using the follow me tool.

Thanks so much for the video! That was immensely helpful

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