How to create chamfer on tapered edge? (woodworking)

jos bench.skp (206.3 KB)

Hi, I’m curious what options I have to chamfer a tapered edge…

Typically I would draw a line and push/pull but this doesn’t work here as that just tries to apply the chamfer vertically, whereas I need it along that angled/tapered edge.

Thx for any help

How about outlining the rest of the chamfer and then erasing the waste?

Thanks Dave,

I actually tried that, but I must’ve erased/deleted the waste incorrectly - it was acting up and didn’t come out perfect like in your example.

I used backspace as a delete, rather than erasing…wonder if that is relevant.

Appreciate the help

edit - successful, so I marked your answer as solution. You also taught me two cool little tidbits about using that modeled edge when drawing to add (the pink) inference line, and to capture all edges by clicking directly on the vertex, so thanks for helpful the vid.

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