Simple hole punch into component not working

I’m trying to punch a hole with a dowel (group) into a component.
My subtract tool doesn’t allow me to do it. meaning, I see the subtract icon but nothing happens when I click it. And I’ve selected the dowel and then the component. maybe cuz the component isn’t solid?
But then I try the intersect faces and then erase the dowel
and I’m just left with circles on the outer faces of the components.

here is the file

That is the reason.

If you want to use the insect with model technique and wish to merge the dowel with the component, you have to bring the dowel’s raw geometry into context with the raw geometry of the component.


thanks chris. I don’t want to merge the dowel with the component. I want to punch holes in the component walls. So I thought using a dowel would be the easiest way to align the holes cross the component walls.

I must be doing something wrong when I’m creating my walls. Here’s what I just did.
I made a rectangle.
Pulled it out 1/4"
created a create group of the rectangle
created a circle 1/2"
pulled it 1’
created a group for the dowel
put the dowel in the center of the rectangle.
both groups are solids with volumes that I can see in the info box
I select the dowel
then selected the rectangle
and the same problem happens that I described above
what am I doing wrong?

Ok, make sure both are solid in entity info.
Place the dowel at the depth/place you want.
Select the trim solid tool.
Click the dowel, then the rectangle.

EDIT: When you do the trim above make sure you are not in edit mode for either part. (Click in empty space first)

That’s how I would do it,

More likely I would place guides, then edit rectangle, draw circle on face and push it through. The guides can be used to place holes on other parts to align with the latter if required.

I can see my solid tools menu. But I am unable to click on any of the icons except outer shell icon.

That’s because you have Make.
Most of the solid tools are only available in the Pro paid version [or the 30 day trial when you first install Make].

You can still do want you want, but it’s more involved.

Create the parts and select them for editing in turn, select all of their contents and use the context menu to Intersect with model.
Now you’ll have cut lines in both parts.
Erase the unwanted parts.
It’s sometimes useful to hide the rest of the model when editing groups/components so you can see what you are doing…
You might need to reverse all of the faces in the dowel ‘hole’.
Finally explode these two parts together and re-group into one object…

Ah, you mentioned subtract which is a solid tool, but I see you have the Make version. Maybe you don’t have the solid tool functionality?

My second method I mentioned is the one I use mostly.

Without the solid tools you will have to intersect using the dowel, but you will have to delete the circle face on the rectangle that is left after the intersection.

Ah, Tig beat me to it!

You have a group within a component and you need to put the raw geometry of the dowel within the group.
So cut and paste in place.