Simple animation with 3 scenes


Infrequent user here. Constructed a simple 3 layer model (floor coatings) and wanted to animate the layers into an exploded view. Scene 1, all layers are together. Scene 2 a little further apart and scened 3 further apart still. When I move a layer just a bit and create a new scene, I then update the scene. This saves ALL scenes as the same new slightly exploded view. What am I doing wrong?


Two approaches are possible here, first to make copies of the groups that need to be ‘animated’ and put those copies in a separate Layer, which you turn on or of, depending on the scene:

scene123.skp (176.9 KB)

second approach is with use of section cuts. those section cuts are placed in the context of the groups:

section123.skp (174.0 KB)
Have fun!


It sounds to me as if you are moving groups or components between scenes. (your terminology and description of what you are doing is a bit confusing.) The problem is that each scene is just a camera position showing the model in its current state. So when you move the group or component it shows as moved in all the scenes. Instead you need to make copies of the groups or component and put them on different layers. They change which layers are visible and which are not for each scene to create the effect of animation.


Thanks Mike! Figured it out since I posted this. Section cuts may be the way to go as well.


Thanks DaveR for replying! As I told Mike, figured exactly what you described after I posted.


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